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Computer Services

Computer Services include:

  • New computer purchase and setup

  • System repair and maintenance

  • File backup assistance

  • Cleanup and fix computer slowdowns

  • Malware, Virus and Spyware removal

  • Ad Blocking

  • Email management

  • Hardware installation

A new computer is a major investment for the average person, but technology is changing so fast, most of us don't have the time or inclination to learn all we should know in order to purchase the right computer for our needs.  Do you need to buy a new computer, but have no clue what you want or need?

I can help you choose and purchase your new computer.  Then, when it's delivered, I will install the necessary programs you need to keep your computer safe from viruses and hackers).

Don't need a new computer, but need help with backing up your files?  Need a bigger hard drive or more memory?  I can assist you with hardware installation, repairs, or upgrades and have experience with motherboards, memory/RAM upgrades, CD/DVD drives, hard drives and more.

Other affordable computer services include the installation and troubleshooting of operating systems and a multitude of programs and apps.

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