Email tips for Dial-up Internet Users

Everyone is on high-speed internet except you and no one seems to realize that it can take an hour for you to download the video they sent you, or the huge photos they didn't bother to resize.

The best way to handle these emails is to use an email client (see below) and use the IMAP email protocol. When your email client is configured for IMAP, the emails are retrieved, but not downloaded right away.

So, if you see that you are going to receive a 7MB email, which will take forever to download, or, more likely, not download at all, you can figure out how you want to handle the huge email.

You can delete it before you download, or you can go to your email account's webmail and download it from there. This will still take forever, but might actually work. Also, if the email is photos, often they can be previewed as a thumbnail in webmail, so you can see if you want to download them or not.

Use an email client

An email client is an email program that can is installed on your computer and can be used offline. There are many free email clients available. Go here to find out more and download an email client.

There is also Windows Live Mail, available here.

If you don't know how to download, save, and install a program, go here.

When you use an email client, you can get online to synchronize (receive and send) your email, then get offline to read and write your email. When you're finished writing an email, hit Send, and it will be moved to the Outbox. When you get back online, the messages in the Outbox will be sent and any new messages will be downloaded.

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