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How to download, save and install a program

Windows XP

It's best to keep a copy of your downloaded program files, at least for awhile, so that if your computer crashes or needs to be repaired, you don't have to download the programs again.

Make a folder on your desktop (or in My Documents, or anywhere in your computer that you can find again) and call it Downloads.  This is where you will keep your downloaded programs.

Each browser handles file downloads a bit differently, so these steps may be a bit different.

This example shows how to download and save AVG.

When you have completed the necessary steps to download a program and receive a dialog prompting you to Run or Save this file, choose Save.

AVG Download dialog

In the top box, where it says Save In:, click on the arrow to the right of the drop-down menu and choose Desktop or My Documents, or wherever you created your Download file.

Save dialog

Then, in the big window, double-click on Downloads, then click on the icon in the upper right of the screen to Create a New Folder.

      Save dialog

Save dialog

Name the new folder AVG, then double-click on it so AVG is in the Save In box.  Note the file name at the bottom of the box.  Make a new folder for each program that you download to avoid confusion over your downloaded files.

Save dialog

When the download is complete, navigate to the new folder in your Downloads folder and double-click on the downloaded file to run it. Follow the instructions on your screen to install the program.

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